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About us

Welcome from the Team at Dalex Auto!

11206969_638855289582086_6940223553467590806_nThe roots of Dalex Auto were planted in 1994 by Dale Clarke, and it has operated successfully in the decades since, offering quality automotive service to the community of Fort Nelson, BC. When Dale decided to retire in 2011, to enjoy the freedom and warmer temperatures in the south, new owners Todd and Diana Penney gladly took the reigns. With a passion for automotive mechanics from as young as age six, Todd’s ownership of Dalex Auto is the achievement of a life-long dream. He wants to see Dalex Auto grow, keeping roots firmly planted in his new home of Fort Nelson, and with a business plan that highlights opportunities to give back to the community.

10502043_638854202915528_2944634251400629788_nTodd Penney has made his living as a mechanic for over twenty-two years, spending over twelve of those years making Fort Nelson his home. As an owner he is hands-on and ever sharing his wealth of knowledge with the Dalex Auto team. Todd is grateful for the strength of connection he has gained in both personal and professional relationships within the community, and is thankful for the touchstone of support he receives from his wife Diana. Diana has over twenty years of experience in the service field, with a majority of those years spent in the fast-paced Hotel industry, which gives her a keen knowledge and expertise in customer service. Together, Todd and Diana have a young family, and they hope to run Dalex Auto for many years and ultimately pass it down to their children.

Their mission, as owners of Dalex Auto, is to provide high-quality and comprehensive automotive repair at a reasonable cost, and also to find ways to give back to the community that they love and appreciate so much.

 Meet the other members of the Dalex Auto team…

Mark Wypych began in his position as Automotive Technician at Dalex Auto in 2015. He attended school at Okanagan University College, where he received his Journeyman status. Mark also offers a third year status in Heavy Duty Mechanics. He loves the outdoor activities offered by his new home of Fort Nelson.


Greg Oleksy attended Centennial College in Toronto and holds a Journeyman in Automotive Mechanics,  and experience as a Diesel Technician, Driveability Technician, and Electrical Specialist. He began work at Dalex Auto in 2011, having taken the advice of a friend to move from Ontario to BC. He loves the outdoors, and fishing and camping especially.


Ramic Southwick was raised in Fort Nelson, and has been an Apprentice Mechanic since 2014. He has his first year Automotive Mechanics from the Northern Lights College in Fort Saint John, BC, and is also currently a student at the Fort Nelson Secondary School in a dual-credit program.


Justin Mercer is an Apprentice currently enrolled in a dual-credit program at the Fort Nelson Secondary School, which will allow him the opportunity to attend his first year in Automotive Mechanics beginning in December 2015. He is grateful for the learning experience offered to him by Dalex Auto.


Jessica Zegnal has been the heart of Dalex Auto’s Administrative team, working in the front end as a Service Advisor, since 2013. She has a first year Automotive Mechanics under her belt, and is originally from Niagara Falls, ON. She loves the outdoors, and her new home in Fort Nelson.